Friday, January 13, 2006

Surrender Dorothy

I saw an excellent show tonight at the Kennedy Center. It was the second-to-last showing in D.C., I think, of Wicked. I got the tickets via my neighbors Will & Abby as a gift for Steph Morrison to celebrate her racing in the Half Ironman triathlon and the Marine Corps Marathon last fall. The earliest available date was mid-January, but I think it was worth the wait. It just hit all the right notes for a good show - excellent story, very good work by the leads and the supporting cast (the background dancer doing flips deserves to be singled out here). The singers seemed strong, the music was catchy. The whole production did a good job of making it an exciting, involving evening, with fine touches of humor throughout. I really enjoyed seeing it, and it sounded like Steph is a fan too.

Before dinner, we went to the Circle Bistro on Washington Circle. Excellent food, and a pretty nice little setup. From experience, I can say that the pork tenderloin is quite good, the mashed potatoes are very buttery, but the kale is very skippable. Try the martinis, enjoy your meal, and be sure to tip your waiters. Good night, folks!

Oh, there was one thing missing from the show, though. As a kid, I was terrified of the apple trees that threw their own apples, I didn't care for the Tin Man's voice, and thought the poppy field scene was pointless. But I always liked the "Surrender Dorothy" sequence. That was just cool, and it does not get shown in Wicked. I guess it wasn't perfect, then; but it is a good musical. If the tour comes to your city, I recommend it without reservation.

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