Monday, July 20, 2009

Winning Streak

I was relaxing this evening after my online submersible design class by watching video from a large aquarium in Okinawa (follow the link in my shared items on the right to see it yourself, or look up Okinawa Chiraumi on YouTube).  As I watched, I thought to myself I've had a very good couple of months, though I haven't written about it at all.

My class has been going really well, and I'm learning about the exact thing that got me into naval architecture in the first place.  Every weekend for the past two months has been outstanding in one way or another - good bike rides, excellent sailing on the Bay on Sarah & Paul's boat.  Matt has completed the custom CVT bike (follow the link to re-turn on the right) and I'll get to ride it in a week or so when I'm up in Maine.  My broken refrigerator got replaced, and the weather hasn't been too hot, and I've had some excellent evenings out at the Army Navy Club, Poblano, the Dairy Godmother, etc.  I finished reading Anathem, North to the Orient and am now reading Joan of Arc: By Herself and Her Witnesses and they've all been great.  I finally watched High Noon this past Sunday, and I feel like I could skip every other western ever made because it was just perfect.

The best part may be that the outlook continues to be good.  My project for class is coming together nicely.  Sarah passed the PE, so Study Group may reconvene as she studies for acquisition courses as Jane and I tackle Advanced Aero/Hydrodynamics.  There is preliminary planning for a long sailing voyage on the Bay - basically a Tour de Tiki Bars.  I get to see the whole family up in Maine, and I got permission to prune the overgrown hedge in front of my house. Soon my friend Tyson will have arrived with his family to assume his new billet, and Steph & Aaron will follow soon after.  Everything is coming up Dan.