Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Marine Corps Marathon, October 2005

I went out and cheered for the bold souls who were running the 30th Marine Corps Marathon. I saw Steph Morrison and Abby Benson a few times, but didn't have any luck finding other folks I know. Here are some pictures I took around the course.

DUKW leads the way through Rosslyn

Lead runners from the First Wave

...followed by others

Connie Morrison, Aaron Scholer, and Don Morrison await Steph at the Kennedy Center

Steph looks surprisingly happy at mile 22.5 in Crystal City

Bad aim on my part; you can just see Steph edging into the frame on the left

Steph finishes strong, smashing her previous best time

Abby is all smiles finishing her first full marathon

Dan shows off the custom shirt he made for the race, then forgot to uncover until after Steph finished

It was a beautiful day in DC...

...Nice temperatures, few clouds...

...and plenty of sights to see in between rooting for runners

Let the record show that not only did I make a spreadsheet and mark up the map, but I took notes during the race. Posted by Picasa

And the [unofficial] Results (some numbers may be messed up, since it was a staggered start):

Runner/ Time / Overall Place / Place in Gender / Place in Division
Walt Chubrick / 3:39:07/ 1419 / 1163 / 205
Ben Earnest / 4:01:51 / 3627 / 2757/ 327
Steph Morrison /4:07:19 / 4214 / 1069 / 246
Abby Benson /4:50:28/ 10180/ 3279 /557
Amy Kitzmiller /4:59:27 /11521 /3851/ 851
Theresa Grano /5:02:42 /11936 /4040 /897
Josi Heron /5:02:42/ 11938/ 4041/ 898

And for perspective:

Ruben Garcia / 2:22:14 / 1 / 1 / 1

Great job, everybody.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Occoquan Chase, October 2005

Women's 8 passes the dock

Women's 8 returns after a successful race

Put away your toys when you are done

Women's 4 gets rigged

Women's 4 underway

Off to the races

Women's 4 digs deep

Women's 4 approaches the finish


Women's 4 cheers on Men's 8

Back to base

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Terhune-Rivers Wedding, October 2005

The Groom

Aaron is Michael, which makes Chris Jermaine, Brock is Marlon, and Matt is Tito. I don't know who gets to be Jackie.

The Bride arrives

The Father of the Bride prepares to give her away

Aaron & Lorissa have trouble paying attention with the rest of the class

Vows are exchanged

Women love a man who can commit

The Riverses

Wedding Party

Bride & Groom arrive at reception with Red Sox caps in place. This was the same day they lost the ALDS; sometimes it is hard to be a fan of the Olde Towne Team.

First dance

Aaron dances with his Mom

Aaron with Travis, Chris, Dan, Frank, Ryan, and Jack

The Riverses and the Pellegrinis

The Bride needs a beer

A pair that could beat a full house any day

Aaron and some of his mommies Posted by Picasa