Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Now is the time of year for resolutions. I don't have any. Not that I don't have room for improvement - no one is more keenly aware of my many faults and shortcomings than I. But so many New Year's Resolutions don't get kept. For instance, I know the gym will be very crowded for the next two weeks or so. But then the crowds will start to thin out, and it will be back to normal by February.

Beyond fixing faults, though, I'd like to have resolutions to make my life extraordinary. I find that most of my family and friends are, in some sense, extraordinary. Ryan and Beth make movies and are two of the funniest, kindest people I've ever met; Beth is even becoming a nurse to help heal the sick. Chris is brilliant, as proven by the cards he makes every year for Christmas (just the tip of the iceberg, believe me). Jane volunteers for everything under the sun. Nessa is getting her masters in a field where she can make a difference in matters that are important to her. Heidi is becoming a great pastry chef at CIA. Chris P. made a beautiful, brilliant woman his bride, and is teaching english halfway around the world. Jesse is making a great deal of money down in Florida, has a family started, and bought land back home in Vermont that he already has plans to develop. Matt Boulanger moved with his lovely new wife to a new town, in a new state, and found multiple jobs that he is eminently qualified for, and is also starting to write poetry again. Steph runs marathons and triathlons; rows crew; makes cookies, cakes, and incredible meals for people at the drop of a hat; and is a dedicated, talented officer besides. My parents just cut ties to the place they've called home for more than 20 years and are living where they want, working the jobs they enjoy, and quickly moving towards well-earned retirement. And these are only a few examples of what people I know have done, extraordinary things.

I'd like to be extraordinary too. Or at least fix some of my more glaring shortcomings. Got suggestions? Please post anonymous comments, which I will possibly disregard so I can catch up on taped prime-time television. Happy New Year!


Ryan Eling said...


You ARE extraordinary. The absolutely funniest person I know...who is guaranteed to make me laugh uncontrollably, to the point of tears/vomit/other explosions of bodily fluids. I sincerely enjoy spending time with you, and am proud to call you my brother. Your accomplishments are many and worthy of praise. Bethany loves talking to you; she says she could talk with you for hours. Don't sell yourself short...you rock.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being such a great person to be around - you brighten my day and are always smart and funny. Extraordinary is easy for you!

Anonymous said...

Dan, I must echo what that... uhhh, anonymous Ryan guy said. It's all perspective and I think to most of us, you are the extraordinary one that we sit around and tell stories about. I know that I do. That said, I'm sure you wrote your resolutions out looking for more than a virtual backrub, so here are my top five suggestions:

1. Keep cooking, and blogging the results. More guys in the world need to learn how to cook. If you can, get ahold of Julia Childs' French Chef cookbook and a pre-fat-purge (about 1980) copy of the Joy of Cooking, and read them like novels. Be inspired.

2. Keep blogging. It is a great way for all of us to keep up with one another, and provides a great place for photos writings and musings. I predict that blogging is the email of the new millenium, and will serve a greater purpose in social networking than the latter over the next decade.

3. One word: Mustache.

4. Consider writing a book. I know you have one or two in you- just keep a file going with ideas, or use your blog, whatever. You could write the next "The Professor and the Madman," I'm sure of it.

5. No, really, think of the massive 'stache you could have by this time next year- it would be epic.