Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Women's Corps

I recently saw this site, a photo-essay on the conscription of women in the Israeli Defense Forces. Further reading informed me that while there are many women who receive waivers, the majority serve. This fascinates me, for some reason. In fact, my first reaction to the images was "there is a great story here." And a very cinematic one, at that. I'm sure many of you have seen, or at least are familiar with, Full Metal Jacket, Biloxi Blues, Stripes, etc. I can only think of one example of a "boot camp" movie that explores it from a female perspective, Private Benjamin. And I don't remember it being especially good. But I look at those pictures and I want to learn more.

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half-full metal jacket said...

Did any of G.I. Jane take place in boot camp?

Dan said...

Well, I completely forgot that one, because it sucked.

I guess I should clarify that the aspect that interests me is the involuntary nature of conscription, explored from an unusual perspective. GI Jane and Private Benjamin both involve women who voluntarily enlist or choose to go through SEAL training. In the US, the idea of forcing 18 year old girls into the military is completely untenable. But in Israel it's normal - that difference intrigues me.

Dan said...

Oh, and I almost forgot - it looks like they carry their rifles everywhere. That strikes me as pretty cool.

inanimatephotographer said...

Some of the photographs in the site you linked to are quite good. They really highlight some of the socio-political differences (and fundamental human similarities) that I think intrigue you. From the photographer's mission statement, that's what intrigued her as well.

In the US, the idea of forcing any women - of any age, and for any reason - into the military is still untenable. Heck, the idea of a draft at all may even be out.

Hence, you're probably not going to find a movie that covers the same territory of female conscription. Though I thought of another example in line with the GI Jane-type: the Simpsons episode that had Lisa deciding to attend a very Citadel-esque military school, with her going through a minor version of boot camp.

Mary said...

i go to a maritime academy and although it is not mandatory to go into any branch of service after graduation or even before i plan on signing my name on the line. i have already been through basic and found it to be alright. i would have to say though it would be a complete different story if it was not my choice to join. there is something to be said about freedom of choice.