Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sixteen Miles on the Erie Canal

Recently my folks got a movie via NetFlix that Chris had recommended to them, My Architect. It was made by the son of Louis Kahn, the great architect. Read about him - he was an interesting man. But Mom & Dad, and Chris, all told me I should find out more about one project of his in particular. They couldn't give me all the details, since the film just passes over it, but it was a ship. Specially designed to be the home of an orchestra. And double as its performance space. Interesting, on a lot of levels. So I did some research, and it paid off today.

It's not truly a ship in the traditional sense. It's the Point/Counterpoint II, a self-propelled barge that seems to be based in Pittsburgh. Here are some photos I cribbed from across the internets.

Point/Counterpoint II underway

At the pier in Morganton, WV and opened up for a concert.

A good aerial view.

Apparently she's still in operation, home to the American Waterways Wind Orchestra. It's hard to find information on her portcalls or travels. But I've seen some indications that she'll be in Louisiana this summer. I think she may dock in New Orleans - maybe I can get Sarah to go have a look.

Speaking of Sarah, we got out of the office for lunch today for tacos over at Moe's. She seems like she's doing really well, even if her Spyder did get totalled a few weeks back. Everybody's fine, and it was the other guy's fault, and insurance is taken care of. She'll be around a little longer, but soon goes back to New Orleans to finish her thesis. I know we all look forward to the next time she'll be in the neighborhood.

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enjanerd said...

Hey, I was talking to Jason about doing a happy hour next Friday. How long's Sarah in town? We can do it earlier if necessary. -j.

Kelly said...

Do you think they serve Hebrew Nationals on the Point/Counterpoint II??