Saturday, April 22, 2006

Paved with Good Intentions

I stepped out early this afternoon, intending to catch a bus to the Metro station. I was going to ride into DC and go see the Hokusai exhibition at the Freer-Sackler Gallery. But either I misread the bus schedule or just missed the bus, because I sat around for half an hour before I decided to chuck it an go to the library. Not a bad thing - the exhibit continues into next month, and libraries are always good. I went and geeked out a little, read a few books. On my way home I took a few photos of the neighborhood. I think I should get cell phone with a camera in it, since I seem to find something new every time I walk around.

Tomorrow is for errands, so maybe I'll see the exhibit on my way back from trying to catch the Volvo Ocean Race boats in Baltimore next weekend.

More sidewalk tags; Rotary phones, phonographs... what's next? I predict an old-fashioned vacuum tube radio

I like the 'tombstone' window on the front gable

A house for sale around the corner. Take a guess how much they are asking?

Here's the flyer. $665K! That's 1400 sqft, 4 bed 3 bath, no central A/C, on 7150 sqft of property.

There are a few like this in the area; Rowhouses with no rows. They look very out of place to my eye. Also, the chimney is ugly

This house struck me as odd. The partial stone facade makes it look like it has a skin condition. And the single double-hung window on the right gives that side a weird cycloptic appearance. Posted by Picasa

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Kelly said...

Even if that house is $665K - it will still sell fast! I can't believe the prices of housing around here! Where I am from, I could have an amazing mansion for the price of my condo. Okay, maybe not a mansion, but a huge house!