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I think I need more lights

Winter moon over Alexandria Posted by Picasa

We got our first two batches of snow this week in Alexandria. The first came late Sunday night, but there was barely any accumulation, and the ground was too warm for it to really stick. The roads on Monday morning were a non-issue. The second storm came late Thursday night, and was more sleet than snow at my house. I saw about an inch of really wet snow when I left for work, which was quiet as a tomb. The sun had melted it off my south-facing front lawn by the time I got home. Lame.

Had Steph over for dinner on Thursday night, to give her a break from cleaning and prepping since her sister Heather is visiting for the weekend. I made spicy asian style pasta salad. I was pleasantly surprised, and Steph seemed to really like it. Dessert was chocolate-caramel tartlets, which I've made before. Very tasty. It makes 4, so I sent Steph home with the two extras, plus a jar of jam, to give to Heather and Pete to thank them for helping me with a Christmas gift problem I had. After dinner, we watched a very grisly episode of one of the Law&Order franchises (though aren't they all). It was a fun, laid back night, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Speaking of Law&Order, Ryan sent me a link to this site, and I find it hilarious. Check out the Exhibit section, in particular the Law&Order: Artistic Intent collection. But the whole thing is pretty damn funny.

Mom called a few nights back, and she and Dad are now in NYC with Cindy, Genevieve, and Julie Folino. Cindy and the girls are treating my parents as a gift for the holidays: dining out at fancy restaurants like Serendipity 3, staying at the Waldorf (wow), and seeing many sights, as well as sitting in the 8th row for a showing of Wicked on Broadway. I'm more than a little jealous - it sounds like a fun trip. Mom had called to mention she got a very nice card from Steph, thanking her for the apple walnut bread she made at Thanksgiving. It seems like I'm setting up a regular Eling-Morrison Mutual Admiration Society; Heather and Steph were both very impressed with my brothers at Thanksgiving, too.

Shout out to Jane, who just moved to her new condo in Alexandria, and is fighting off a nasty bug she caught carrying stuff in the cold weather. Her internets are getting hooked up this weekend, so go tell her to put up photos of her new digs.

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