Sunday, December 11, 2005

Second 29th Birthday

Abby Benson & Rob Moore

[Picture Removed at Request of LCDR Morrison]

Pete & Heather

The Birthday Girl and Nina

Dan has a freaky big chin

Sarah converses with Dr. Scholer...

...and then finds better things to do

Steph checks in with the Tiptons and the far end of the table

Abby feels the need to get at least her hand into the shot

Two of the Fabulous Morrison Sisters

Aaron, in repose

Aaron dazzles Nina with his sparkling wit

Richter tells tales of adventure

Steph is treated to a full-restaurant rendition of "Happy Birthday" before blowing out her Scooby-Doo candle

The Remains of the Cake

Steph does her traditional birthday tequila shot

Happy Birthday, Steph

Dr. Aaron Scholer and Nina Leonard, Firefighter

Dan and Sarah, full of tacos, cake, and margaritas

Mrs. Tipton, Pete, Heather, and Steph. Note many empty margarita glasses.

Abigail, Robert, and Richter

The Tiptons

After dinner, let's get some more drinks! Steph, Richter, and Pete at Murphy's

Our girl at the end of a long, full day Posted by Picasa

After much planning, pulled off a very successful surprise birthday party for Steph on Saturday night. Aaron and Steph's sister Heather did the planning, and I was their behind-the-scenes assistant, making a cake and holding the balloons (pictured above) until they arrived at Austin Grill.

We all had a really good time. Sarah Juckett shared tales from rebuilding her home in New Orleans, and Nina Leonard had some great stories from her work as an Arlington County firefighter. The food was tasty, the cake turned out well, and the company was outstanding. Even if Richter Tipton did make fun of me for being a guy who owned a cake transporter and topped the cake with cherries (he implied I have psycho-sexual issues that need resolving). After dinner we adjourned to Murphy's, and there was carousing, dares to pour drinks down strange women's pants, and ornament thievery. Pretty standard birthday stuff.

It was a really good night, and I'd like to think everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as I did, especially the birthday girl. Happy Birthday, Steph.

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