Saturday, January 27, 2007

Under the Black Flag

Last week, Sarah made me extremely jealous at work when she announced that she would be starting a new project. Doing analyzes of pirate attacks. Honestly, I would plunder and kill for this job (like a pirate, one might say). But now, everything is fine. I was lucky enough to get some great birthday presents, which included pirate bath sailboat, and the Jolly Roger shower curtain seen on the left. Sure, it might be like showering in a Hefty Bag; I don't care. It is awesome.

I also got a book (Collected Writings of Thoreau), a new PSP game (Twisted Metal) and bunch of t-shirts. One of the shirts deserves further explanation. Ryan likes to doff his pants around the house; this has been going on for years. I have a "Pro-Pants Policy" in effect. He has countered with an "Anti-Pants Agenda." So now, thanks to Ryan and Bethany, we have shirts to clarify the situation.

I also took a quick photo of the kick-ass insulated blackout blinds Mom made for Christmas. The windows in my bedroom are not well insulated, lights often wake me up or keep me awake at night, and the room could use some color. So Mom took the situation in hand, and consulted her Art History texts to find examples of one my favorite artists, Piet Mondrian. Resulting in a colorful and classy addition to my decor.

I don't have any pictures to share, but I went out to Taqueria Poblano for a birthday dinner yesterday with Steph & Aaron, Jane & Ian, and Dave & Sadie. It was a great time. We had a long wait at the bar while a big enough table opened up, but that just gave us a chance to catch up. Dinner was great, as always. Then we went to St. Elmo's down the street for cake and coffee. I had a piece of Triple Chocolate cake - I highly recommend it.

There was live music, a band made of teachers called Jumping for Strangers. Pretty good. While we were eating, Steph went up to talk to the band, but I didn't pay much mind. Then, as we were leaving, the band said "Wait! Is the birthday guy leaving?" Then they played Happy Birthday to me, with scattered participation from the crowd. It was fun.


Christopher said...

" as usual for the Eling family..."

Christopher said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Ryan not wearing pants in that photo? ewwe