Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I made homemade pizza for the first time last night. Well, partially homemade. I've never made my own dough before, and it turned out pretty well, I think. Thanks to Sarah for the recipe.

Jane & Ian, Steph & Aaron, and Sarah were all able to come over for dinner; Paul wasn't able to make it, unfortunately, since he is on travel. Everyone said they liked the pizza, and I think they all had a good time. I don't think I'm a particularly good host, though - I always feel like I'm trying too hard, instead of just relaxing. Forcing it, for lack of a better term. And I'm never quite convinced that my guests are enjoying themselves as much as I hoped. But I'm glad they all came by. Maybe my next focus in Dan's Personal Growth Program will be to have people over more often. That, or learning to like cheese. Either would be good.

In other news, my covetous ways continue. I forgot to mention the other day that I also am thinking about buying an external hard drive and a kayak. Maybe the smart move would be to buy lotto tickets, and hope they pay off so I can buy all this other crap.


enjanerd said...

You are trying too hard. ;)

The pizza was good and we all had fun! And you should totally like cheese.

Thanks for having us over!

Kelly said...

You seem as if you are be a wonderful host. Outgoing, nice, and have many interests to speak on. Relax! I love to entertain...put on music, have drinks in the frig and food out to eat...the rest is low key, help youself style. Plus they are your friends! Making pizza is the best! Plus there is no good order-out pizza in this area. How fun!

Buying a kayak - that will be fun! How is your sailboat? Are you getting ready for a good summer with it?

PudriK said...

I have similar habits, to the consternation of my family, as they find it very difficult to buy gifts for me when I've already purchased them for myself. As for balancing savings vs consumption, so far my habit has been to chalk up a couple grand on the credit card, pay it off, and repeat, while accumulating behind the scenes in my retirement account.

No more.

This year, the goal is save up to $2K before buying the next $1K item, then $3K before the next, and so on until I have a comfortable pile of cash. As for priorities, mine are:
1) Sunfish sailboat
3) Road bike
4) Rifle (M1A)
5) Kayak

That said, I purchased my first real mattress last summer, and it is certainly the one thing on your list you will use almost every day.

But brakes are undoubtably the first priority before anything else.