Monday, January 08, 2007


I'm debating a number of purchases right now. As often happens when I consider luxury goods, I'm weighing the comfort and entertainment these purchases would provide against the wisdom of saving and planning for a fiscally responsible future. In the past, I think I've been a very bad judge of what will eventually be worth the price. I know I don't need any of these things, and I don't trust my own judgment regarding the cost/benefit analysis. I'm going to try to steal a page from The Wisdom of Crowds and The Tipping Point and see what other folks think.

Westinghouse LVM-47w1 or Vizio GV47LF

Sealy Baltico Firm Full Size Mattress

Blackburn Fluid Trainer (or something similar)

I also need to get new oil and a filters in Stella, and new brake pads by the sound of it. I might try to do the pads for myself, which I've never done before. Maybe I should get a second opinion on that, too. And I still need to get Ryan his Christmas gift - I screwed up the original order back in early December.

And now, thanks to Aaron, I have a deep-rooted desire for an Xbox for playing Halo 2, even though I spent the better part of 6 hours on Sunday getting shot and run over. He snuck up and ran me over with a jet. I clearly need to get my own console and copy of the game, so I won't have to be so embarrassingly bad at it anymore.


Matt Boulanger said...


I'd say the mattress is worth it if you are concerned about getting good sleep though the night and either not planning on moving during its lifespan or planning to move during its lifespan knowing you will have to accomodate its bulk.

The fluid trainer is nice. I actually have one of these set up in the living room right now and it means I can at least do something when its really nasty out. Like most fitness equipment, its worth it if you use it. I would go for a fluid trainer over a magnet though- the resistance feels really natural to me and changing it is as simple a shifting gears.

The TV? Looks sweet. My personal choice would be a 1080p projector for portability reasons, but I anticipate moving around a fair bit in the next couple of years. Hmm. Good luck in your choices. And may the Schwartz be with you.

Saabist said...

Re: brakepads

Are the brakes grinding? If they are, you may need new rotors, too. That grinding means that you've worn the pads down to the backing, and it's grinding metal on metal. Sometimes they can machine the rotors smooth again, but more often they replace them.

Do you need pads on the front, back, or both? You might see if using the handbrake results in the same noises - I believe your car has the handbrake acting on the rear wheels.

I do know that changing front pads in Saabs of my vintage requires me to screw the brake piston back into its cylinder before I put the new ones in, and it's a %$^&# without a little tool to do it with. I'll check on what Stella (ten years younger than mine) requires.

Christopher said...

Stella needs love. Give Stella love. (repeat ad nauseam)