Thursday, January 25, 2007

Conspicuous Consumption

I caved in to my appetites this past weekend and bought myself a new tv. It is obscene. Soon, I'll have the HD channels turned on. I already have the DVD and the computer running through it. The picture on the right? It looks life size to me as I write this. Well, not really.

To buy such an unnecessary luxury item, you have got to be working, you dig? Dollar dollar bill, you all. Actually, the big meeting I mentioned before went off really well on Wednesday. The higher-ups seemed satisfied, though I foresee trouble in the future. These are only going to get harder, and we've already got some people picking up some bad habits.

Turning aside from work and play, I was reading some ancient Roman proverbs the other day. I'm not one to believe that ancient texts are superior or "the old books are the best books," but I do believe that every book has at least some value. So it's best to be familiar with all books, not just the ones that are on the NYT Bestseller List right now. And I came across one that I particularly liked. "Cacoethes scribendi." It is by Juvenal, and means "the bad habit of writing." Consider that there was a time when getting me to write was like pulling teeth. I have not learned to be a good writer, but I have learned to enjoy it. And to make it a habit. I ascribe this change to my 4th & 5th grade teacher Mrs. Pierce. She made us all write in journals every day, and she would read them over the weekend and give us feedback. She was very encouraging, no matter what I wrote. I often think of her when I write for myself, and the quote brought still more memories of her and what she taught me. So, I say, take Mrs. Pierce's advice, and write something every day. It will make your brain bigger, and other good things.

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