Monday, August 21, 2006

Wedding, Reception, Children, etc

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The much-awaited Kim - Pellegrini Stateside Wedding Reception and Cocktail Hour was held this past weekend in Bristol. After flying up late on Thursday, my brother Chris let me borrow his car so I could tour around and see my friends while he worked. I managed to catch up with Chris (the groom) as well as Cindy and Julie, who I haven't seen in a while. Most of Friday was spent at trying to help Chris and Kelly (and their moms) prepare for the party. Some arts and crafts, nothing much. I did get to go down to Otter Creek Brewery and sample everything they had on draft to help choose a beer for the keg. We went with the Oktoberfest, but I liked the Wolavers Wit myself.

That night, after picking up Chris at work, we went to a Vermont Lake Monsters game. I thought they were still called the Expos, but apparently when the Expos became the Nationals, they changed their name as well. Too bad. They played a good game, but lost 7-5 to the Williamsport Cross-Cutters. In the eighth the game was delayed a few minutes when a skunk ran across the field. The grounds crew got a solid ovation for their efforts chasing it from the field.

On Saturday, Beth & Ryan, and Mom & Dad all arrived from Maine and Boston. We visited Mike and Mary-Jane, and visited their son Ben at the house he just bought in Middlebury. He's in the middle of tearing it apart to refurbish it, and Dad's eyes just lit up. He really wants a house to tinker with.

Finally, we got to the main event, the party. I got to see Jesse & Zita (and meet their son Elek), Ryan, Frank, Travis & Devon, Sara, Sheppie, Sean & Lisa, and so on. I got to see Mrs. Katherine Giovanni Pellegrini Welch for the first time, having missed her wedding the weekend before. And many more besides. It was a lot of fun, just getting to see so many old friends. I'm sorry Jack and his fiance Alex couldn't be there. And since I flew back early on Sunday, I missed out on Ryan & Magda's justice of the peace wedding ceremony (which I didn't even know about until Friday).

It was a very good visit home, only far too brief.

I forgot to take many pictures, but the ones I did take are here.

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