Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The weather was finally nice starting late last week, so this past weekend was an opportunity I couldn't waste. On Friday night I did all my lawn chores, mowing and weed-whacking. Death to Crabgrass. Saturday, I took a ride on the W&OD Trail, out to mile 14.5, which makes for about a 40 mile ride. I was brutally slow - the cuban tacos from lunch on Friday may have still been slowing me down a touch. It was beautiful weather to be outside, and despite my slow pace I really enjoyed myself - it's been a few weeks since I've gotten in a good long ride. On the way back some little kids had set up a water and lemonade stand in Fall Church. Good lemonade - I gulped down 4 cups in a few seconds, enriching them to the tune of $1.

That night, I went to a Potomac Nationals game against the visiting Wilmington Blue Rocks down in Woodbridge. Jane & Ian and Dave & Sadie also came, and we had a good time. Lots of early offense, some fielding errors and misplays, good times. However, as I was relating an anecedote or witticism of some sort, I moth fluttered towards me. I figured "He's gonna swerve first" and went on talking. The little bastard flew right into my mouth as I was talking. I was stunned. Then, disgusted - moths taste nasty.

The next day, suitably recovered, I got a call from Kirk. He, Melissa, Kolten (sp?), and Melissa's folks had pretty much finished moving in, and were coming into DC to do the tourist thing. After doing my chores, I went in and met them at the Air & Space Museum. I've seen that Museum plenty over the years, but it was fun to show first-timers around. And then I took them to the Post Office Tower, for a view of the District. Then I got myself ice cream - I earned my treat.

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ElingFam said...

didn't your mother teach you not to eat insects?