Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Naan Proliferation Treaty

For a few years now, I've been meaning to try the Afghan Restaurant on Route 1 just south of Crystal City. Well, my new place is about 400 meters away, as the crow flies, and not much further when you can't cut across any backyards (damned barbed wire). I finally gave it a try last night with Steph, and it was incredibly good. The naan bread alone was worth the trip- it came fresh from the oven, and was delicious. We tried an appetizer, a kind of pastry called boolawnee, stuffed with potatoes and leeks - very good. Steph had the vegetarian curry and said it was excellent, and I went overboard and got the Super Combo, because I wanted to try a little of everything. Beef, lamb, and chicken kabobs over saffron rice, with meat sauce on the side. I'm going to steal an idea from the rice - it was basmati rice served with raisins and thin strips of carrot, and it was superb. And I had a side of naan, of course - I used it to make little kabob sandwiches. Clearly, we were stuffed by the time we left. Though the exterior is a little sketchy looking, and the interior is a little oddly lit, I recommend the Afghan Restaurant without reservation.

After dinner, Steph hung out for a while, then it was TV time. I'm really glad I got the DVR. It's just as Jane predicted - I don't even know when shows are on anymore, I just wait for new stuff to appear in my recorded list. I just need to figure out how to export from the DVR to the computer with the DVD burner, so I can make copies of the movies I record (so far I've got Forbidden Planet, Back to the Future, The Conversation, and The Sting).

I got a nice comment about Pegasus recently, from a woman who was apparently just browsing through and saw the sailboat pictures. I thought that was kind of cool - I've never gotten comments from anyone but old friends and family before. Well, other than a few 'comments' about how I could make money in minutes and get "Great deals on C1ALIS." I'd like to find out if she sails - I'm a little rusty, and it would be good to have some crews lined up.


Kelly said...

I like your blog - I hope you don't mind my posts. Yes, I grew up on a sail boat and love to sail. There is just something freeing about being out on the water.

I do have to give you credit, I don't think I have ever thought about trying an Afghan restaurant.

Dan said...

What kind of sailboat?

And exotic new food is all well and good, but burgers and wings will never be turned away.

Kelly said...

Our family used to have a Catalina 25.

There isn't a day that goes by that I wish there was a Buffalo Wild Wings near me!

Dan said...

Ah BW3s. There was one just down the block from me while I was at Tech... caribbean jerk wings and a glass of yuengling. Good times.