Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I watched two pretty good movies courtesy Netflix this past weekend, M and Metropolis, both directed by Fritz Lang. The first is in German, and the second is silent AND almost 1/4 of the original footage has been lost. So they were both challenging viewings, in their own ways. But they were good, Metropolis especially. Not for everyone, though - they are very much of their time, the incunabula of movies, as it were. Somewhat crude by modern standards, and the acting is much more... theatrical. You might even say hammy.

The two differ remarkably in tone, which highlights their historic context. Metropolis is all about hope (eventually) for the future. It has an upbeat ending, and a positive message about what can be accomplished as long as there is balance between "the head and the hand." M, however, is pretty dark. I suspect this may have something to do with the fact that while both were filmed in Germany, Metropolis was made in 1927, and M was made in 1933. Shortly after M was made, Lang fled the Nazis and the movie was banned.

In baseball news, the Reds have made a number of trades recently that I find a bit questionable. Wily Mo Pena was traded to Boston for Bronson Arroyo. I had looked forward to watching Pena come into his own in Cincinnati, but I guess it does make sense. The Reds had one of the best offenses in the league last year, and the worst pitching by far. Though Arroyo is only a little better than league average, he will probably upgrade the starting staff. The trade raises questions about the plan for position players - will Dunn move back to left, leaving Hatteberg to play first? Or will Womack be sent to left? Or mayble leave Womack on the bench where he belongs, and find another suitable LF? Or, you could follow Chris's suggetions, and start the following:

C LaRue / Valentin
1B Dunn
2B Aurilia
3B Encarnacion
SS Lopez
LF Griffey
CF Freel
RF Kearns

This plan keeps as many heavy hitters in the lineup as possible, moves Griffey to a less demanding fielding position to protect him from injury, and leaves some flexibility to use their bench players (Hatteberg at 1B, Bergolla and Olmedo at 2B and SS, Denorfia and Stratton in the OF). But it won't happen. The Reds also traded a pitching prospect, Bobby Basham, for a third catcher, Dave Ross from San Diego. This move sucks. Potential pitching help for a catcher they have no need for. So now I'm betting on the following:

C LaRue / Ross
1B Hatteberg
2B Aurilia / Womack
3B Encarnacion / Aurilia
SS Lopez
LF Dunn
CF Griffey
RF Kearns

With Freel as a super-sub at 2B, 3B and all the outfield positions. This second lineup is demonstrably worse on offense AND defense. It can be frustrating to be a Reds fan.

Happily, I read yesterday that EAGLE is coming to the area for the Commandant's Change of Command this summer. I look forward to seeing her again - maybe I'll brave the crowds and visit.

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Kelly said...

Please excuse my question - as I do not know you, did you train on Eagle?

Non-Dan said...

Excuse my butting in, as I am not Dan, but short answer is yes. And bonus trivia, I'm pretty sure the background picture in the banner of this blog is of Eagle's masts & rigging.

Dan said...

That's right, I did three cruises on EAGLE. London - Portsmouth, England; New London, CT - Plymouth, England - Copenhagen, Denmark; and Halifax, Nova Scotia - Portland, ME - New London, CT.