Saturday, February 25, 2006


Went out to Taqueria Poblano for dinner last night with Steph & Aaron, followed by a trip to the ex-Dreamery, the Dairy Godmother. I had the chicken breast Sinaloan tacos, and they were incredibly good. And the custard flavor of the day was Dulce de Leche, one of my favorites. Caramel custard with a swirl of caramel - it's decadent, to be sure. But so wonderfully good.

This was the first time I've really been over to any of my favorite places on Mt Vernon Avenue in Del Ray since moving. It's only 3 blocks away now, to the Dairy Godmother, Poblano, the Cheesetique, and a number of other great places. Other favorites, like the Evening Star Cafe, are not much further. And the closest library branch is just a block beyond the taqueria. It's Heaven.

After dinner, I gave Steph & Aaron the nickel tour of my new place. I had given Mike a brief walk-through earlier this week, but this was the first time I really had a chance to show off about it. They all agreed it is a great place; I'm really glad they liked it.

In less positive news, I got screwed on my check-out inspection at my old apartment. The woman doing the inspection was... very detail-oriented. And clearly I've lost a step or two since my days of prepping for Formal Room & Wing Inspections in my Academy days. The upshot was, I was given a choice - address all their comments myself (which would take hours) and pay a $50 penalty for having a second inspection, or pay for cleaners. I decided that I have neither the dedication nor the aptitude to clean to their standards, so I tossed it to the pros. The cost will be deducted from my security deposit, and will be around $200. So the marginal cost of having cleaners becomes $150 - not great, but worth it. I'm sick of killing my brain cells with Scrubby Bubble fumes.

So, now that I've finished setting up house, and washed my hands of my old place, I don't know what to do with myself. Time to dive back into my NetFlix queue.

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