Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Early Adopter

I got my internets hooked up last night at my new place, as well as my cable. I actually upgraded to a DVR as well, following my parent's lead. I just set it up tonight, so I'll be taking it for a test toast as the week goes on. I'm excited to be skipping commercials, and hopefully channel surfing less, and making more time for books. I like books.

I've also started using a few handy little online tools. I'm listening to new music using a widget they created at the Music Genome Project. It's called Pandora, and it's pretty slick. It's hard to find anything that sounds like the Blues Explosion, but I've got some leads now. I'm also using 30 Boxes, an online calendar tool. Seems pretty handy, though in order to share invites and such, I think invitees have to be using it as well. At least it will keep my schedule straight.

The move is essentially complete. I'm hanging pictures, and sorting books into their proper places. I'm at the point where the only real problem is tracking down a few specific items that I can't remember which box I packed them in. For instance, some pictures Chris gave me for Christmas were put in a book for safety, but I can't remember which book. And my slippers have disappeared to parts unknown. Probably in a book box that hasn't been opened yet.

I was going to take snow pictures from the big storm, but by the time I found my camera, the snow had all melted. It was in the 50s today. Bad luck for some; Steph did a Valentine's Day fun run, when it was still topping out in the 30s. If they had waited two days they could have done it comfortably in shorts and t-shirts. Life is inherently unfair.


Matt Boulanger said...

Dan- I think I use Pandora on your suggestion- did I suggest as another source? the radio feature streams a shuffle of music from other people who listen to music like you, excepting tracks that knows you already have- very slick, though I like Pandora as well.

Dan said...

I have used in the past as well. I enjoy the simplicity of the Pandora interface, and the flexibility to search for "Bands like This Band" or "Songs like This Song." I also like reading the explanations for why they group music together: "...acoustic sonority, major key tonality, and a prominent banjo part." I find it fascinating.