Thursday, February 02, 2006


I saw Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin at the Little Theatre of Alexandria last night with Steph Morrison. Originally I was going to bring over the fixings for calzones to have for dinner beforehand. But Steph was home sick all day, and said that anything beyond soup would be too much. So I went over after dinner and we walked down to the theater. I'm glad she made it out - only the play and a trip to Trader Joe's for cheese were reason enough to fight off her head cold to brave the outdoors.

The show was pretty good. It's a fictional "what-if" scenario of Picasso and Einstein meeting in a bar in Paris in 1904. It's about art and science, the potential of the 20th Century fulfilled and wasted. Also, Elvis and a little person. I had read the play in Martin's book, but never seen it performed. Most of the cast was excellent - Einstein in particular. The actor playing the old drunk bar fly Gaston was a bit broad in his performance, and the actress playing Suzanne (one of Picasso's paramours) had trouble with some of her more overwrought dialogue. But it was a good show, and I felt it had something to say between all of the laughs.

Needless to say, I did not get any more packing done last night. I think I need to refocus my efforts onto the delicate items that must be boxed up carefully. It's not that the movers won't be careful, but I'd rather pay for their strength for moving beds and couches.

Though I was not very productive at work or at home, yesterday was an especially good day. There was the play, of course. But I also had a satisfying swim at the gym; my time was not any better than usual, but it felt better. Less like splashing down the lane and more like an actual, recognizable, swim stroke. And at work, Jane brought in an excellent batch of brownies. Two, actually: one was used to bribe IT into getting our secure computer ready faster. Jane has become devious.

(PS - Lapin Agile translates as "the nimble rabbit.")

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