Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm a big fan of many of the free services Google offers online. The two I use the most are probably GMail and Google Reader. I route all of my mail, except for my work account, through GMail. It is just so convenient and functional; it even has one of the best spam filters I've ever used.

But while GMail (and the time burglar that is GChat) are extremely helpful, I love Reader. My chief pleasure is learning new things, and Reader is a great way to tap into and aggregate information from as many sources as you like. I use it to keep up with baseball news, astronomy articles, world events, movie and television reviews; I even get updates from a biophysics site (Biocurious - check it out).

I often use the email function in Reader to let my friends know about articles or entries they might find interesting. However, it now has a nifty function that allows you to tag those entries you want to share, and collect them on a unique shared items site. I've had trouble using the embedding function, but I've placed a link over on the right as well, if you want to have a look.

This is all fine and good, but I hope anyone else out there who uses Reader will start sharing as well, so I can latch on and learn about the interesting things my friends and family are reading.


Matt Boulanger said...

Done and Done. I've enjoyed your shared stuff already, Dan,

Matt Boulanger said...

Oh, and I have my "starred" stuff in the right column of my blog, rather than shared- My process is to usually blow through my Reader headlines first thing in the morning, then later after work, starring as I see stuff I like. I often don't get to read those items until the weekend, at which point I think I'll start picking stuff to share.

Christopher said...

Nothing I read is worth passing on to be honest.

But don't worry, if something seems like a justifiable waste of time, I'll be sure to tag it as such.