Monday, July 02, 2007

Vanity, Thy Name is Dan

I've admired how professional and smart some of my coworkers look when they are on the job. Sarah and Zina, especially, take care in their attire and it reflects well on them. So, stealing a page from their book, and Chris's recent purchase of a number of suits that he wore to the CSI conference (as well as to work, on occasion), I upgraded my kit to include some new shirts and suits. I should have enough to keep a reasonable rotation going.

I wore one to work for the first time today. My boss saw and asked me if I was going to go apply for a loan. But everyone said very nice things, though I was a bit more dressed up than most. It will take some getting used to, but I felt a little sharper. So maybe it is worthwhile.

Heidi asked to see pictures, and I'm vain enough to take them and post them up here.

To be honest, the plan is that NOT wearing shirts with holes in the elbows will help convince my boss to bump me up from Associate Engineer to have some more responsibility, and get into managing some projects. Right now I'm helping out some, and Sarah gave me a bit of detail work to get some familiarity with how they do business. My hope is that by paying my dues and doing good work, I can eventually get into the same kind of project lead role in the near future. So the suits are part of my intricate plan: 1) Look Fresh, 2) Get better work, 3) Get Rich, 4) Snitches Get Stitches. I may have confused my cunning plan with the Code of the 'Hood.


Lickspittle said...

You looken sharpen today, mein herr.

Ryan Eling said...

Dan is looking all fly, with his chains and his suits. Seriously, the tan suit has a nice 19th-century feel to it: very dapper. And the gray with black vest(shirt?) is just different enough to be awesome.

Pretty soon I'll be wearing suits, just to fit in with you guys!

Matt Boulanger said...

I'm a huge vest fan. And I have to vote for tan as my favorite as well- tough to pull off, but you do it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nerd Boy, you wanna get ahead? Do good work, be courteous to your coworkers, and...murder your competition (literally). THAT's how you get ahead.
BTW, I like what Ryan said. You is lookin' fly. Now, go hit 'em with the quickness, Ten.


Xena said...

LOL, thanks for the compliment!

Aren't you dapper!

Don't forget rule #5: Pillage BEFORE you burn.

Heidi Park said...

i only have two letters for you my friend...GQ