Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spring & Hubris

Spring is ... springing here in Del Ray. I think we've seen the last of the snow, runners and bikers are returning to the paths in force, and I found some flowers blossoming in my front yard. Using my expertise in horticulture, I can tell you that they are yellow (see photo).

This is a good thing, since it means it will soon be warm enough for bike rides. I may even be able to bike into the DC office instead of riding the Metro. As much as I enjoy the convenience of Metro, I like the idea of getting in to work for free while also getting my daily ride at the same time. Efficiency appeals to us engineers.

I noticed the flowers when I left the house to visit St. Elmo's. Really, I was just getting out to get some fresh air. I topped off Stella's tank yesterday, and forgot that she has a minor fuel leak. I think it is in the fill line, since it only happens right after I fill up. No puddles of gasoline or anything, but the smell is quite strong. And having forgotten, I parked her in the basement garage. Under my bedroom. So the house, especially the bedroom, smells like a filling station. It gives me a terrific headache.

So, I aired out the house and went for a walk to clear my head. If I'm out in the neighborhood on the weekends, I usually go by St. Elmo's for hot chocolate and cookies. They have good chocolate chip cookies. But it is also a great place to people-watch and eavesdrop. Not the most appropriate entertainment, maybe. Today I sat next to three young women who are all engaged to wed soon. I listened to a long conversation about their future children, and possible names. Lot's of "I think Jack is such a cute name! And how about Charles! I would call him Charlie, and dress him up in little short pants and bow ties!" I feel sorry for Charlie. Please, don't pick out your kids' names because they are "cute." Cuteness fades. Choose a name that means something, either from a family connection, or it's own history. Don't name your child "Dakota." What the hell? Why not just name him Indiana Jones?

At any rate, I cleared my head. Maybe part of the headache was from the night before. I had told Ryan about getting the PC version of Halo, so he got it too. He called me up and suggested we set up a game online and play each other. I thought "hell yeah, I would love to spend an hour taking him to school." He. Kicked. My. Ass. Seriously, the dude can bring it. We had some technical problems setting up our own games, and ended up having to join other's already in progress. Nevertheless, we went mano-a-mano a few times, and I went home limping. Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud. I am psyched for playing again really soon. I'm going to lose, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Last, a note on the second photo. Walking home from St. Elmo's, I noticed this truck. I remember the converted Hearse-style ambulance from Ghostbusters, but I've never seen a converted truck-style ambulance. It looks like someone might be living in this thing. I don't think it would very comfortable. But I developed a bit of a taste for living on the road from our family camper trip Out West when I was 12, so I definitely see the appeal.

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Ryan Eling said...

Dan, you recent posts have been fabulously verbose and well written. Keep it up. I find myself not just interested in what you're doing, but the deeper philosophical thoughts you have.
I agree with you about kids' names, but I would like to name a son Indiana Jones.