Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Recent Photos

Here are a few recent pictures. Their quality is not very high, since I took them with my cell phone. I either couldn't take my digital camera to these places, or I just plain forgot. Enjoy the low-resolution splendor!

The fountain in the atrium of the National Building Museum

The inner face of the clock on the Old Post Office Tower

The view to the SW from my temporary office on-site in DC. You can just see to the left the cranes at the new baseball stadium construction site

The corresponding view to the NW, including the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral. Not a bad office.

The current state of affairs on the new Wilson Bridge

I split from work early today, since I "banked" some hours on Friday working unbilled overtime. It allowed me enough sunlight to enjoy the beautiful weather and get a full bike ride in - might be the last for the season. I'm not very partial to cold-weather biking.

Once I got home, I rigged for trick-or-treaters. Some nice kids in cute costumes, but some people suck. Teenagers who just walk on to the porch and yell "trick-or-treat," don't even knock, and aren't even dressed up. Then the little bastards take handfuls of candy. Hell, even the small kids take all that their little hands can grab. Greedy little monsters. I hate to break this out, but in my day you got lots of candy by pounding the pavement all night long, working every last house. Not by sucking one place dry. Though, I've learned that Bristol did holidays better than most places. Per capita, I've never found a town that does a superior Halloween or Independence Day. There, you knew there were a lot of houses with a lot of candy - it was an endurance trial, and you sure as hell had better map out your evening in advance to hit all the streets in the most efficient pattern possible. These people here are amateurs.


Matthew said...

You are right about Bristol and holidays. People celebrate the 4th in Missoula by getting the hell out of town. We took a walk down the main drag that day and found nothing going on whasoever. Not a single trick-or treater tonight either. I remember gettint driven around Monkton, for heaven's sake, and I think some of the older people really loved seeing all the little kids in town at their doorstep- and that was in Monkton, with a population of oh, 1600 people. I have yet to see a better 4th of July Parade than Bristol's. And now, I miss outhouse racing, pigball, and knowing that in a month we'd be headed to Popham.

Kelly said...

Yes, the kids now-a-day are greedy little ones. I wasn't able to be home last night, and thought about leaving candy on my step - but I knew all the older twerps wouldn't save any candy for the little ones. Man, halloween we would walk miles to get a pillowcase half full of candy. Then I would never eat it all - just the skittles!