Monday, July 31, 2006

That's the Sweat of the Blues Explosion

The forecast calls for record highs this week, matching the temperatures from my first summer in DC. I do not have fond memories of the walks from my internship at NAVSEA to the Navy Yard Metro in SE. It was only a few blocks, but by the time we got back to our trailer at CUA, we would have sweat right through our clothes. Nasty times.

Didn't follow through on many of my plans this past weekend. I did go to Jane & Ian's for a very fun little party on Saturday night. There was pirate cake, dark & stormies, and a fun crowd. And there were a few hidden connections that surfaced over the course of the evening: one of Jane's friends from HS shared an office at Tech with my good friend Tyson while they were working on their post-grad degrees. And Jane's new coworker Megan was a big Bob Ballard fangirl (as I was a fanboy) while she was growing up, and knew one of the cadets I knew once upon a time at USCGA. It's a small world.

Mike Cintron called from Overseas and we caught up some. He'll be coming to town in October, apparently, so I look forward to hearing his about his adventures. Ryan also called; he and Beth are getting ready to move to their new apartment, which is exciting. This will be their 2nd place in Boston, but this one will have more than just one room, so they are stoked.

Lastly, I finally saw a movie Dad has been talking about for years, The Ruling Class. It was... interesting. Very much a product of its times, I think. I really like parts of it; any movie that features a characted named "The Electric Messiah" can't be all bad, right?


TheMindofaRobot said...

This'll be the 3rd apartment for our bro - the first one was "Apartment Zero." Which actually did have a separate bedroom - but also had a 'big T' in the backyard.

Matt Boulanger said...

Hey Dan, the heat finally blew out of here on Sunday afternoon and the last two days have been zero humidity and no smoke. Very nice. Hope it clears up for you too.

As an aside, my Woods Hole connection is that I cut up and de-boned (or whatever squid have) squid there for fish food when I was an Americorps lackey. Good times...

Kelly said...

This heat needs to go. Although this would be a great time to be at the lake. Have you taken your boat for the first sail?