Thursday, May 25, 2006

O'Sullivan's Travels

I had a really great day today. Work was light, since I only had to put in a partial day in light of my extra work on the shipcheck earlier. I took the extra time to prep for the long weekend and straighten up the house a little. I ran a few errands, including a quick trip over to East Potomac Park. The Coast Guard Change of Command, where Admiral Thad Allen (made famous during the Hurrican Katrina response) took over as Commandant, took place onboard EAGLE moored in the Washington Ship Channel today.

I had to go see her. I loved EAGLE as a cadet - I spent as much time as I could aboard her, and loved every minute of it. So whenever she's pulling into port near me, I make an effort to go see her. I didn't have a chance to go aboard her, but I did manage to take a few photos. If you like sailing, and are in the DC area, make the time to get down to the DC Waterfront, near the fish market, and take a look at the last working tall ship flying US colors.

After that, I met up with Steph, Aaron, and erstwhile classmate Sheila O'Sullivan. Sheila is living in Alaska with Megadeath, and knows Steph from rowing crew. She says she'll be living in Pittsburgh soon, so she may be coming to visit more often. Always good to see old friends. And Steph and Aaron were in rare form, telling us stories about their recent trip to Hawaii. A really fun evening.

And even though I got teased about it, I will write about my dinner. I had tacos al pastor at Taqueria Poblano. It was excellent - spicy pork with sweet pineapple slices. Fantastic. And S'mores custard at the Dairy Godmother for dessert. You see how it was a great day?

The old Wilson Bridge, with the New behind; it is set to open in the coming weeks

USCGC Frank Drew, one of the Ida Lewis class buoy tenders

The Slave Barge

Note the long line of visitors

Fine on the port stern quarter

She's a beautiful ship; I have very fond memories of her Posted by Picasa

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